5 Fleece Patterns You can Sew to Stay Warm this Winter

Looking for DIY fleece patterns? Here’s a collection of fleece projects you can start doing right away! What’s more? They will keep you warm this winter season.

As sewers, we all work with different materials in our different- and numerous- projects! Some of us prefer yarn over wool, or the other way around. Each has their own advantages, like being better suited for different types of clothes or different seasons. For fall and winter, fleece is my go-to material for projects. I’ve collected quite a number of fleece patterns for my different projects. My children find it comfortable, and since it comes in different colors and prints, they also find it adorable – and so do I!

As I mentioned, fleece- aside from thick yarn- has been my go-to fabric for fall and winter projects. It’s perfect for thick clothing and accessories. I’ve even given fleece projects to family and friends as gifts during the holidays. And based on their appreciative comments, it’s clear they wouldn’t mind getting some again year after year! Joking aside, another reason why I absolutely love working with fleece is that it’s baby-friendly. For a mother like me, that’s a huge plus! It doesn’t unravel in grabby, chubby little hands. I could go on and on and enumerate the reasons why I love working with this material but, I’d rather you discover and decide what to do with this list of adorable fleece patterns!

1. Fleece Ear Warmer

Our ears are one of the most vulnerable body parts in the cold. What better way to keep them warm than by using these functional and adorable ear warmers?

2. Fleece Fingerless Monster Gloves

One of my concerns as a mother is my children keep ‘forgetting’ their gloves! But the children love these cute and funny monster gloves! They even use them as puppets and make small skits with them!

3. Red Riding Hood Fleece Cape

Speaking of children, when I was a kid, one of my favorite characters to dress up as was (you guessed it!) Little Red Riding Hood! With this cape, I can relive that memory as an adult!

4. Home Fleece Slippers

A personal favorite of mine, wearing these indoor slippers would definitely be part of your home routine! Warm and cozy, they’re perfect for lounging around!

5.Fleece Hand Warmers

Although technically not something you could wear to fend off the cold, these hand warmers definitely do the job! They’re perfect for warming up after being out in the cold. Just pop them in the microwave and voila – your very own improvised heating pad!